About Me

Welcome to my blog, Sunday Edits

Have you ever had a thought that you had a feeling was weird / odd / funny / sadistic / narcissistic / egotistic / grose but then you find out someone else thought it too and all of a sudden you feel empowered and united like a team?

Well maybe that thought you had is here – be prepared to feel united.

Every Sunday morning you can find a short read on I Love Dick,  Death of the Pube, The False Truths of Periods, the politics behind the TUTAP power line in Afghanistan, and more or less anything else you can think of, on my blog Sunday Edits.

I don’t aim to be a blogger, I aim to be a writer, so see this as my platform for practicing on. I love learning about everything and aim to be a minor expert in all of the things I fall passionate about; Afghanistan; Romania; Danish Hygge; Gender Equality; Fin de Siecle; the Victorians.

So far, since November, I have managed to publish every Sunday, and so long as I am learning and being inspired by what this world offers I will continue to write little essays of inspired thoughts for you.

About Me


Resident of Auckland, New Zealand. Descendent of Norfolk, England. This is me in Spain, satisfying my travel curiosities, taking a photo of a cat about an hour before I knew I was going to spend the rest of my life married to the man who I love the most.

I’m a Production Manager for a company that specialises in digital story telling and social change activation.

Like, share and enjoy Sunday Edits to your hearts content! Thank you for taking the time in this busy 21st modern century to read my writing.

If you would like to get in touch, please email me directly at blades.chloe@gmail.com. 

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