Thank you x

As of today, Sunday, the 15th of October 2017, I will have completed 365 days of writing and published on 52 Sundays, spent around 200 days writing at 7am on weekday mornings in Scarecrow Cafe, Auckland, and woken up at 6:30am every Sunday morning to make coffee, let the sunlight in, and create something hopefully worth you reading. A year ago today, … Continue reading Thank you x


Author Interview: The Secret Library by Dr Oliver Tearle

Oliver was a lecturer of mine at Loughborough University, specifically for an enormous Charles Dickens novel, Bleak House perhaps, which I didn't read because, well, have you seen the size of it? I just sat back in his lectures and enjoyed absorbing the information that was coming out of this endearingly intelligent lecturer's mouth. He isn't just … Continue reading Author Interview: The Secret Library by Dr Oliver Tearle

Your Top 5 Happiness Books

I love that by the time the last page is turned in a 'self-improvement book', we'll call them, I have a small list of ways to live life more meaningfully. There is an abundance of books on happiness, you may know. So here is my top 5 to help you narrow down your search. None … Continue reading Your Top 5 Happiness Books


The Life Changing Magic of Books

We all know about the magic of books; escapism, exploration, education, enlightenment. They've always been an unintended escape for me [I don't read to escape reality], but I have recently realised the real magic, for me, in escaping to these imagined little literary worlds of delights. It is the idea that we share the experiences of this other worldliness … Continue reading The Life Changing Magic of Books


I LOVE DICK, by Chris Kraus

"Read this on the bus - we dare you," it says on the back. No, I gasped in true British prudishness, as I turned away in shock at the bold DICK I could see before me. How could someone so explicitly share their love for something so private! Without even reading the blurb, I walked away in shock and bought my Little … Continue reading I LOVE DICK, by Chris Kraus