Mores des Pubes: #DeathOfThePube Part II

Here I am after my first bikini wax just minding my own business when BOOM I realise that it’s all grown back with a vengeance as if by magic over night 4 weeks later. At this point, looking down, I came to understand that I was now trapped in a catch-22 of bush waxing; shaving no longer made the cut.

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What’s the need for International Women’s Day?! Let me tell you…

As the #IWD2017 leaders tell us:

Each one of us – with women, men and non-binary people joining forces – can be a leader within our own spheres of influence by taking bold pragmatic action to accelerate gender parity. Through purposeful collaboration, we can help women advance and unleash the limitless potential offered to economies the world over.

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Are You Eccentric?

If you’re living in Norfolk, England, then the answer is probably yes.

This picture is of a ‘greasy pole competition’ that takes place in Blakeney. What a wonderful thing! It is no wonder that Norfolkians are so great – we do things like this out of choice. Blakeney waters are filled with the tastiest crabs, too. Daring.

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