Tour de Honeymoon: 2 Days in Barcelona from my diary

We landed wonderfully early in Barcelona and felt pretty fresh after that Business Class experience. Amongst all of the hola’s and bienvenidos and in our adventurous state of mind, we decided that real travellers don’t throw money at taxis, they catch buses. The driver of the city bound A1 dumped us somewhere, and without our compass or the North star for navigation we faced a serious wifi-less first world dilemma.

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Tour de Honeymoon – The business class flight from my diary

14th July 2017 – Auckland to Barcelona 

We were out for dinner last night, to celebrate our final moments of ‘single’ life in New Zealand. Luis took some papers from the inside of his jacket pocket and handed them to me with excitement in his eyes. He had gone incognito and upgraded our tickets to business class for our flight to Barcelona with Qatar, and somehow managed to divert all incoming emails with the word ‘Qatar’ in to a folder that he knew I wasn’t smart enough to look in. I like to think I’m not materialistic, but this kind of present made my head almost explode. I would like to thank his colleague Lauren for telling him “Luis, it’s once in a lifetime, just buy the tickets”.

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The Art Of Travel: How To Experience Travel By Taking Yourself With You

FullSizeRender-77.jpgI am as much of a writer at night as Dracula is a hungry vampire in the day. It’s 20:37 on a Wednesday evening and I haven’t written a word for this Sunday’s post. I have been Production Managing for most of the week from 07:00, which is usually the pinnacle of my writing window where I sit alone before the sun comes up, drink my first flat white and type away in the cafe. Unless i’m inebriated cutting shapes on the dance floor, evenings are not my forte, and this week it’s the only time I seem to have to write my blog post.

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The 5 Love Languages and Wedding Planning Advantages

I imagine based on this image you see you can get a glimpse into how, shall we say, different Luis and I are. You will be able to imagine, then, that after Luis proposed and the list of to-dos that arise got longer and more complex with deadlines, contracts, and deposits popping up around us, our strategies for planning a wedding turned out to also be quite different.

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How Did He Propose?

We stepped out of the Jardin de la Murella, after exchanging a few words with the owner who spoke as much English as we did Spanish (until the day we departed and he was suddenly fluent), and made our way to Ronda along the beautifully cobbled stone pathway. Just a few metres from the hotel’s door, though, we stepped onto a bridge that connected the hotel with the road into town, which had the most spectacular view of Old Ronda in the distance.

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Wedding Diaries: Shredding For The Wedding

Weight: 66kgs Height: 5″7 Shredding for the wedding start date: 14th May 2017

Let me start by addressing your sighs; I know I am not overweight. But who doesn’t envision themselves sitting pool side at a Parador in Spain sipping Sangria surrounded by vineyards, Spaniards, sunshine, and food, with a firm bottom that doesn’t explode out of their bikini like a visual assault to the eyes, but rather perches like a sturdy peach being hugged by their bikini bottom fabric?

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