Powering Afghanistan: Ethnic rivalries over the TUTAP power line

Originally posted on South Asia @ LSE (London School of Economics) blog http://blogs.lse.ac.uk/southasia/2016/10/27/powering-afghanistan/

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On Rabia Nasimi – Making a difference to refugees from Afghanistan finding a place within British society

The politics within Afghanistan is turbulent to say the least with conflict spanning centuries, mostly due to its unfortunate positioning as a pawn on the chessboard controlled by the world’s political super powers. With foreign influences entering in and out of Afghanistan from the Soviet Union to America with NATO as its ally, it has been a battleground with only a short era of peace known to our generation.

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Norfolk Eccentrics hold Fundraiser for Afghanistan

On December 23rd 2015 a fundraiser as eccentric as Norfolk itself was held to raise money for the  Afghanistan and Central Asian Association’s Well Building Project. An array of guests including Gulwali Passarlay, author of The Lightless Sky, and my inspiring friends and family gathered in the kitchen of my family home for a memorable evening of stories, donations, wine, and a home cooked Indian dinner.

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