As of today, Sunday, the 15th of October 2017, I will have completed 365 days of writing and published on 52 Sundays, spent around 200 days writing at 7am on weekday mornings in Scarecrow Cafe, Auckland, and woken up at 6:30am every Sunday morning to make coffee, let the sunlight in, and create something hopefully worth you reading.


A year ago today, I was full of excitement as I started a mustard coloured blog with a picturesque bike in the header that I dreamed of publishing on every single Sunday. There were cries of “ha! You!? Never! You spend too many Sundays hungover and have the attention span of a child!”

I especially didn’t think that I could achieve it while working full-time as a Production Manager at Borderless and part-time as a waitress at Kiss Kiss, as well as gallivant around Europe for a month to get married, but somehow I managed to publish something that I had poured all of my literary love into, every single Sunday.

Wedding Day!

It’s because of you, my beautiful readers, that I was able to achieve this goal. Seeing the countries that Sunday Edits had been read from every week gave me all the motivation I needed to turn publishing a blog post into a weekly habit.

So here’s (a glass of bubbles being raised) to you, the near 10,000 readers who’ve been a welcome visit to my blog, Sunday Edits, over the last 365 days from (in order of the most readers) the UK, New Zealand, USA, Australia, Germany, Spain, Canada, Ireland, India, Vietnam, Brazil, China, France, Japan, Indonesia, Greece, Thailand, Italy, Croatia, Singapore, Switzerland, Portugal, Taiwan, Romania, Netherlands, Malaysia, Austria, South Africa, Jersey, Philippines, Georgia, Estonia, Pakistan, Argentina, Russia, Denmark, Turkey, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Finland, Honduras, Lithuania, Columbia, South Korea, Mexico, Belgium, Poland, Nicaragua, and Slovenia –  THANK YOU!


You’ve read about my experience with sexual harassment in prison, the upside of having divorced parents, that time I waxed my pubes off, and then wished they’d grow back, as well as the false truths about periods and those times I pushed Happiness Projects and Mindfulness on to you, and shared my heartbreak at the loss of my dear friend, Jeremy. You’ve read about the ethnic rivalries in Afghanistan, dealing with lactose intolerance, and a lot about the relationship between my husband and I contrary to his lack of consent. Most important to me, though, was The Sister Project.

Achieving this goal has helped me to understand my life’s true passions; reading, creativity, and writing. Unless your E.L.James or J.K.Rowling, of course, these are not passions that will make you your millions, but I quite simply don’t care much for making millions.

It was like a breath of fresh Queenstown mountain air (that I’m quite literally inhaling right now…see below) when I gave up the idea of becoming the woman I think a lot of other Millennials imagine their future selves to be. It’s an idea from a bygone era; high up the career ladder earning a large salary, independent, house-owner, and mother. I’ve been imagining myself to be someone who I don’t have any interest in becoming, and have often felt feeling pangs of failure ridden guilt when I’ve realised that I’m not a woman with any of those things (except independence).


Up a mountain in Queenstown with the witnesses of our NZ wedding, Rebecca and Ryan

It may sound simple, but reading and writing day in and day out is actually what I want to be doing. I don’t want to own a house yet, I’m quite content renting in New Zealand. I don’t need lots of money, I’m not ready to be a Mum, and I don’t care for fighting my way to the top of the career ladder. So I thought why not work towards becoming the person you actually want to be?

I made a decision, then, to follow my dream of working with books, and on October 27th I will start a new job at New Zealand’s most brilliant and all round gorgeous independent book shop. I can surround myself day in and day out with what I truly love; books, people who love books, and books, books, and more books.


With this in mind, and the completion of my weekly posting goal, I’ve set myself up with another goal; to make my blog the blog that you want to visit on a Sunday. So, I have decided to take a couple of months off and develop my blog into something that includes all the ambitious ideas I have (whether I can make it work or not is a whole new kettle of fish), and align it with the exciting changes taking place around me.

I hope you’ll still be here in 3 months to see what I have in the pipeline, and I am likely to post the odd thing here and there, as I still want to write about the wedding day!

Again I can’t thank you enough for your support over the last year. Feel free to get in touch at with any feedback, ideas, comments.

Thank you again for reading my blog every week, you’re the best X

Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 16.09.59


5 thoughts on “Thank you x

    1. Thank you Cynthia, that’s very kind of you. I can imagine it’s difficult getting back into the work place. Are you in Auckland? I have a book club if you’d like to join – those sorts of things are always good for your CV should you ever apply for a bookshop job! 🙂 x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks Chloe. No, not in Auckland, in Melbourne Australia. I volunteer at an art museum, and am thinking of doing a grad dip in museum studies next year. Once you’ve been out of the workforce for some years, you might as well not exist I think.😂Working in a museum or bookshop would be my ideal jobs. All the best to you!😀


  1. Chloelops it has been a delight to read every week a wonderful regular routine like the Archers but much more enlightening & thought provoking !! I’m sure this is just a warm up & look forward to future wonderfulness
    xxX Lesley

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Lesley ❤ It's been wonderful knowing you're at home in England reading my blog every Sunday. Hopefully the next stage will be even more enlightening. Cant wait to see you at Christmas Xx


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