Caroline Yousef on Jane Kumitau (New Zealand)


What is your earliest memory of being together?

Tough question – I don’t know what my first memory is but a memory I have from when we were young is moving up to Auckland when I was 6 and Jane was 9. We stayed in a motel in Eastern Beach for 6 weeks before moving into our new house in Howick. This house (we were in for approx 24 years) had a swimming pool. We used to live in that pool, hours and hours of fun every weekend! Jane and I used to do the lift move from dirty dancing. Jane would balance me in the air before I would dive from her arms into the pool! I guess it was our thing, we did it many times and for many years. Great memories to look back on!!

 What do you love and admire the most about her?

My sister is my rock, actually my little families rock. I love that she is always there for me when I need her, not to pass judgement but to listen, give good advice and protect my best interests. We have grown an unbreakable bond over the years especially as we became older and hit adulthood. My sister is my best friend.

I admire her love for her family. She is the carer of our family and will put family before anything. She wants the best life for her husband and children but not at the sacrifice of working too many hours that will intrude on her time. Quality time is more important than having the best of everything. Also her ability to have always put playtime & fun entertainment (more so when the kiddies were younger) ahead of keeping the house clean and tidy. I find myself too anal at times and wish I could relax and enjoy without worrying about the mess the way she does!! Think my child would be happy with that also!

What was the last thing that you hysterically laughed about together?

My son Brooklyn, he was wearing my high heels and pretending to be me (mummy). We both laughed until we cried because of his gorgeous & humerus little character playing out his mini scenarios. It was just too funny!

Jane on Caroline


What is your earliest memory of being together?

This is a tough one!  My earliest memory is being in her yellow bedroom in our Belmont house in Wellington. The sun was shining through and we were playing.  She was lining up the toys on her bed.  I don’t remember what I was doing, maybe just watching her but thinking about it now I feel warmth, love and peacefulness.  Just being together.

What do you love and admire the most about her?

Caroline is such a unique and wonderful person.  I admire most the strength she has in all aspects of her life.  Ever since she was little it has shone through.  By strength I mean no matter what is thrown at her or what ever she is doing in her life, strength prevails and shines through.  She carries people on this.  It is positive strength, she will pick up anyone around her and carry them through.  I love this about her.  (it also leads her mischievous personality as she is not afraid of anyone, any rule, anything! 🙂

What was the last thing that you hysterically laughed about together? 

Well we laugh a lot together!  The last thing we laughed about was our Dad and his crazy life!  Like belly laugh because it is so ridiculous!


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