Heidi Rainbird to Rachel Holden (United Kingdom)


What is your earliest memory of being together?

My earliest memory of being with Rachel are vague. However my mum had asked me to hold on to her reigns for some reason. However I let her go and we had to get the police I think to look for her. We found her in a sweet shop.

What do you love and admire the most about her?

I admire my sister for her strength. She hasn’t had the easiest time, raising her son as a single parent. She has a real compassion for people. Always willing to help others, and very kind.

What was the last thing that you laughed hysterically about?

The last thing I hysterically laughed with my sister was when we were in Skiathos on a boat listening to Mama Mia. Rachel needed the toilet and neither of us cope with toilets very well and the one on the boat was not very fresh. I could see her feet under the door and I know it doesn’t sound funny but we were in hysterics.

Rachel to Heidi 


What is your earliest memory of being together?

The earliest memory of being together with my sister is when we stayed at our nan and grandads house, Claggy Road in Kimpton. There house had a large garden ,which grandad kept in show condition growing potatoes, strawberries and sweet peas. Heidi and I use to take it in turns in the wheel barrow running up and down the garden ,while being reminded by grandad to mind the roses.

Nan use to let us play in the out house, where the coal was kept. She’d set up a square table with a green velvet topping and we’d eat dry rice crispies. The house had no heating so ever night we’d have a hot water bottle and we had sheets and blankets on our beds.

What do you love and admire the most about her?

I honestly do admire and love Heidi. She know what she wants, she sees, she likes and she gets. Heidi has always worked hard in life. She worked hard and gained a degree in art all while working. She is sociable and very kind to others. Heidi could put a bin bag on and look gorgeous, her flare for fashion is second to none.

Heidi saved my life, and for that I will always love her .

What was the last thing that you laughed hysterically about?

One time when we were on return from a camping holiday – not what you would call luxury…who needs toilets or running water! We chose a field to camp in the middle of no where, however there was a beautiful stream and the kids got it into their heads that there were monsters beyond the stream! It did make us laugh.

On the way home, though, we needed a wee. You can never find a service station when needed and it got so serious our bladders were going to explode. The only thing to do was to pull in on the side of the road and throw our bodies into the prickly hedge and explode in to the hedge row…….but relief was gained! We laughed and laughed!IMG_9998


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