Chloe Blades (New Zealand) on Sophie Blades (United Kingdom)


What is your earliest memory of her?

When Sophie was about 2, we were playing at the top of our Grandparents garden amidst their burnt down pig farm, and Sophie was so desperate for a poo that Grandma hoisted her legs in the air and there she went; pooing away in the garden. It was hilarious.

What do you love and admire the most about her?

Sophie has a contagious love for life. She has these ideas that are so beautiful and thoughtful to make life the best it can possibly be, that she inspires me everyday. She has this ability to just walk up to people and speak to them, without judgement, fear, or any kind of barrier. She treats everyone as equal, and she’s in the moment all of the time.

She is the life and soul of every party. If you’ve met her, you will know that she is the disco ball that makes the party sparkle. Even if it’s not an actual party, just a dinner perhaps, Sophie is still the disco ball.

She wears the most amazing outfits from charity shops, and can pick out a 50p bargain. So much so, a particular 50p bargain is her maid of honour dress at my wedding.

She has an incredible talent for creativity. She has a tranquil singing voice that she uses to perform with her amazing fiancé. The idea of not living with them, having our children grow up together, makes me sad – there’s an element of uncertainty around my future because of how amazing she is.

What was the last thing that you hysterically laughed about together?

There have been so many accounts of us laughing together hysterically. The last would be when she lived in New Zealand with me and we were in our pyjamas, drinking Moscato, and recording a rendition of “All By Myself” with chocolate brownies in our mouths. We were celebrating her last night in Auckland, and we had 3 bottles of wine and Luis and Jack just sat, dumbfounded, by what they were marrying into.

I don’t think I have laughed so hard since she left.

Sophie on Chloe


What is your earliest memory of being together?

The days when nanny blades would pick us up in her white old school Renault Clio, and we’d sing the spice girls, chew on as much apple sour hubba bubba as we wanted, and shoved the wrappers down the back of the car seats.

What do you love and admire the most about her?

There are many things that I admire about Chloe, but here are a couple. She has this crazy ability to adapt to new surroundings and situations that make her fearless and enables movement in her life such as a new job, new country, new friends, things that would normally petrify us and nearly stop us from taking that leap, she thrives at it and grows more, which is incredible.

She’s hilarious, and so much fun to be around; loves to party, loves to dance and enjoys the odd drink or two. I look forward to being with her because she’s a legend! An intelligent, beautiful, inspiring legend.

What was the last thing that you really, really, hysterically, laughed about together?

When I lived in Auckland, the greatest and possibly only amazing thing about living there was having my inspirational sister down the road. One evening, me and jack invited our favourite couple over, Chloe and Luis, and made homemade dumplings in our bamboo steamer, had a few glasses of wine and sat on the floor as we didn’t have anything other than a coffee table put together with tweezers.

We decided to play a game where you replace movie titles word with a naughty word, this round was vagina. Now I’m not sure if we were slightly drunk or just already laughing at how hilarious our set up in our overpriced flat was, but around the table we began with ‘Lord of the Vagina’, which developed into ‘Harry potter and the chamber of Vaginas’ (I’m laughing now). Chloe was sitting literally on my lap, stroking our neighbours cat, shasta, ”The Jungle Vagina’’…. we fell about, barely being able to contain our composure, hands flapping against each other as we said it over and over again.

Luis and jack just stared at how immature their fiancés were as tears streamed down our faces, and then Chloe let out an accidental fart on my lap and it just continued as our partners, with absolute disgust, watched on.

– I wrote and read it to mum and uncontrollably cried, I do wish you lived closer, but it also (regrettably) makes us cherish those moments even more when we were together. It does make me so sad that you’re not physically closer, but its inspiring what you’ve done. I really, really miss you.



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