Mia Zandi on Danielle Zandi (United Kingdom)

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What was the last thing you laughed hysterically about together?

Trying to think about the last time Danielle and I were in hysterics is so hard because it’s pretty much every time we see each other. Danielle is definitely the easiest person ever to make me laugh, a lot. So, yes we do laugh a lot together, but I spend most of the time doing something kinda funny, watching Danielle hysterically laughing about what I’ve done, and me acting cool as if I wasn’t trying to impress her.

What is your earliest memory of being together?

My earliest time with my big sister, Danielle, would have to be when I was around 5 years old. Now, it’s very random, and I’m sure it’s a bit of a weird thing to remember, but anyway, I do…

My sister was laying down in her bed and I was sitting on her. I really wanted to tell her about my boyfriends (I guess that’s part of the joy of being 5 years old hey!), but she said she’d listen if I spoke to the wall.

Very odd, but it made danielle laugh a lot…too much. So much so that I attempted to slap her face ๐Ÿ˜‚ She pushed me and I hit my back on a the metal piece of the bed. It completely winded me! She grabbed me and began running down stairs shouting ‘MUM DAD’ and then just as she was about to run in to the lounge with our parents I got my breath back and started to cry. I remember her taking me straight back upstairs, stroking and kissing my head, saying ‘please don’t tell mum or dad’!

What do you love and admire the most about her?

The thing that I love about Danielle the most? Now that’s very hard to choose ONE thing. Danielle’s my best friend? She’s someone I’d run to in any situation and she definitely doesn’t allow me to be too dramatic haha. I like that Danielle’s very honest – she doesn’t do the whole ‘I’ll lie to keep you happy’ kinda thing. If I ask about how I look before going out, she’ll tell me straight that I don’t look that good – I definitely prefer that to someone saying I look okay and then seeing people stare at my horrendous outfit and dodgy makeup.

I think that maybe the thing I love the most is probably the fact that she’s practically my second mum. I always feel protected because although I’m allowed to go out and have as much fun as I’d like..I always feel protected and secure knowing that Danielle’s not that far away.

From the past year I’ve had Brain Cancer and everyone has been so so lovely and I’ve definitely been overly treated perfectly in every single way (which of course I love!). But, I do love that Danielle still treats me how she’s always treated me. Cancer hasn’t changed a thing. When I’m with Danielle it’s just been like everything’s going to be ok. She always just states ‘I don’t think you’ve got anything wrong with you,’ and although I’m praying that she’s right, spending an hour a day with her definitely makes me feel like shes right.

Danielle to Mia

Mia and Danielle 2.jpg

What is your earliest memory of being together?

My earliest memory of Mia is visiting her in the hospital the morning after the night she was born. I could not wait to meet her! She was the perfect baby sister that I dreamed into life. I begged my parents to have another baby and I was so happy to have my own real life doll ๐Ÿ˜‰

What do you love and admire the most about her?

The thing I love most about Mia is her quick Witt! She is literally the funniest person I know with such dry humour. We can just look at each other and know what the other person is thinking instantly and it usually ends in her saying something and me laughing for hours (I am a very easy audience) .

She has been very unwell recently so I can now say that I completely admire all her strength and positivity that she has shown. Throughout it all she has still laughed and joked and remained the life and soul of the party. Mia leaves a mark on everybody that she meets and I am yet to meet someone that doesn’t feel this way about her.

Throughout our whole life she has reminded me of myself all over again but done everything that little bit better.

What was the last thing you laughed hysterically about together?

Mia and I have constant hysterical laughing fits, however one that stands out to me is a recent occurrence. One evening we were on face time and some how ended on the topic of periods and tampons. I was explaining to her what tampons I liked the best and why etc. and she was explaining her reasons for her choice. The conversation was very standard and casual until she asked me ‘what’s with the random tampax pearl.’ I asked her what she meant and she replied with ‘how are you supposed to push the tampon up fully when the applicator only has a cm to push on” with this I cracked up. She did not realise that you pull the application out before you use it. I’m sure this does not sound funny now but at the time I cried for hours laughing and thinking about it to this day still makes me laugh so much.



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