If there is one person in this world to admire, look up to and trust to guide you safely through your precious life, it’s your sister.

img_0011-1.jpgShe is not just your best friend, but your opinionated, emotional, caring, feisty, fashionable, ball of unconditional love.

Your sister offers a kind of different love that you don’t find in anyone else, and it’s almost impossible to articulate how unique and special this kind of love is.

So, in an attempt to articulate it, I had sisters from around the world answer three simple questions about their relationship to show you how truly unique the love between sisters is.

  • What’s your earliest memory with your sister?
  • When was the last time you laughed hysterically with her?
  • What do you admire the most about her?

I called it The Sister Project and these stories will be shared with you to warm up your hearts over the next month.


10580700_10156381753265501_3847154635808660920_oYou all know how wild Sophie and I can be, because of the updates and pictures of us together that we share. Our relationship isn’t rare, though. For every sister I have spoken to they share the same kind of love as we do.

I have spoken to sisters who have almost lost their sisters, sisters who like Sophie and I live tens of thousands of miles away from each other, sisters who share the same heartbreak, and sisters who have grown into retirement together. Their stories make up one enormous montage of how unique, fabulous, and loving the relationship between sisters can be.

Yet, the definition of a sister is quite a hard one to pin down.

It’s as if the genes you’ve been fortunate enough to inherit as a pair are so similar that you’re almost psychic. You look at them, they look at you, and you both just know.

10411200_10155047852955215_3668282796479350448_nYou and your sister become one of the strongest teams imaginable on this earth as she becomes your confidant, ally, and all round adventure partner, keeper of the secrets, smuggler of alcohol.

You often have similar thoughts, sometimes at the same time, and one of you blurts out that thought faster than the other can even put it into words. There’s a stunned unified silence between you both. OMG I was just thinking that?!

A sister navigates herself through life in a way that you admire and take pride in following, because you know that if you follow her and turn out like her you’ll be just fine.

A sister always has your back. If you call her an ass hole, that’s ok. But the second someone concurs or says it instead of you then expect some of the sassiest sister comebacks known to man.


A sister says something funny in public and their sister might be the only one in the room to laugh, as others around you question their sanity, look around the room to assess the other faces, and try and understand what just happened.

A sister uncannily shares your logic. If you say something that makes as much sense as a chocolate tea pot they still seem to understand exactly what you mean. They don’t even have to offer you a plate of words to help add some logic to your illogic. They just carry on the conversation with their eyes, and you sit there happily, a little bit smugly, nodding at each other.


A sister will hear a song, Animals by Martin Garrix lets say, play on the radio, and throw her arms in the air while she looks at you because it reminds her of that time she stuck a cone on her head in Rhodes and took a photo of you as you threw up down a tree, and the Russian lobby boy hugged a pole. Yet you try and relay that time to others and they look at you with such confusion wondering if they’ve missed the punch line, because is it really that funny?

I hope that these stories you read over the next month will not only show how special a sisters relationship is, but will give those who took part in The Sister Project the opportunity to tell their sisters exactly why it is that they love them so much, as, in my experience, we don’t tell them enough.

But, Sophie Blades, I love you with all of the bones in my body and ounce of love I have in my heart and I can’t wait to share our story.

A brief update on the shredding for the wedding

The time has now come for my gym membership to go on holiday, as I spend my last few evenings preparing my lady features for a wedding that was once only in my dreams. That dreaded wax is creeping up on me again, but needs must and all that. That orange Brazilian bikini is beckoning my slightly firmer bum cheeks.

On May 11th, when I started shredding for the wedding, I weighed 67kgs, and since then I have completed:

x6 30 minute Body Pump class

x2 60 minute Body Pump class

x13 Outdoors run

x3 RPM

x1 Sprint

x3 PT Session

x3 GRIT class.

This means I have squatted approximately 100,000,000 times, tried harder than ever in my life before not to fart in a class packed with 150 body pumpers pumping to Welcome to the Jungle, and managed to successfully avoid making any friends in the gym.

I still weigh 67kgs, and that’s fine. My ass is no longer trying to escape the bikini, but rather perching on the verge of an escape. But at least it’s merely on the verge, rather than so far off the verge that it looks like flubber trying to escape Prof. Brainard’s grasp.

Adios work outs, hola Sangria! Hasta la vista!




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