Chloe’s Version:

In a Norwich nightclub called Qube, a tall man with some pretty good facial features leant against the bar with his friends staring intensely, with quite a seductive face, into my eyes.

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I’d noticed he’d been staring at me for a while now, as my friends and I, at the other end of the club, stood leaning against a table staring at another man.

This other man was alone on the dance floor assaulting our senses with some spectacular dance moves that could be fuelled only by cocaine. Covered head to toe in a retro Adidas tracksuit and adorning a cap, with strobe lights bouncing off his neon trackie stripes, this lonesome raver unwittingly created the romantic platform for some seductive eye catches and smiles between Luis and I.

Me (left) and Jade

After catching these little snippets of flirty eye contact from Luis, he walked towards me. I thought to myself, oh here he comes to ask for my number, but he just checked me out and walked straight passed me as I stood cooly in what I had mistaken to be a dress. With his boyfriends in tow, he passed me with that look of love in his eyes, which said, ‘I like the look of you, please come over and talk to me’.

So, a cool 10 minutes later, I went over to him and said we were off to Squares for a dance if him and his friends wanted to come. He asked for my number (keen bean, I thought) and said he would meet us there.

IMG_9285.JPGI get a phone call from this tall man letting me know that he’d arrived! What a lovely surprise this was! However, my friends and I had gone home because Jade was pregnant. So we got back to Jade’s house and dressed up in all the weird things we could find in her wardrobe – like the true 19 year olds this mature 26 year old man would soon find out we were.

Realising the opportunity to have some prime Norfolk talent for a girlfriend he drove 3 hours from Nottingham to Norfolk the following weekend to take me out to dinner at the local Prezzo restaurant, and for a walk along Southwold beach where we had our first kiss.

From the moment he said I love you in Pizza Express in Croydon, 6 weeks on from that fateful Norwich night, he has been the pillar to my existence, and the greatest cause of fun, love, laughter and adventure that my life is filled with, and sometimes he’s a huge pain in my ass, but I wouldn’t change him for anything in the world.

Luis’ Version:

How did I meet Chloe Blades?

That night – 3 out of the 6 boys – James, Tim, Scott (legends)

It was the beginning of an epic Norwich night out with my best friends in a Bar called Cube. It was not a bar that we had been in before and not a bar that we have been in or are likely to ever visit again. It just so happened this night Chloe was lucky enough to be in the same bar at the same time….destiny was made, the match had been set!

I must have caught the attention of this fine blond from afar as she just couldn’t stop checking me out and didn’t make it particularly subtle. Now Chloe will tell you otherwise but she was definitely blond and most definitely not a brunet. There was a lot of legs to choose and it was clear Chloe was not a fan of the skirt. I however certainly approved and I reciprocated the checking out process and engaged in a few cheeky smiles and nods across the bar.

Not wanting so stare like Chloe I continued being awesome with my mates and drinking into the evening. To my amazement my lovely stalker came over to me in front of my mates to let me know she and her friends were going to another bar….bit presumptuous I thought but all good, made me look like a hero.

I obviously thought just randomly meeting up in another bar sometime later that night had major logistical issues and it was clear a contact number was needed. I asked for a mobile number and soon after a quick chat and a cheeky kiss which Chloe snuck in we were setup. I contacted Chloe later that evening because my great mates agreed to finish up at this bar and make our plans around this new stalker blond.

After not getting through on the mobile we decided to just go to the bar but alas Chloe was gone and the clock had struck 10.25pm for Cinderella. To my amazement we both persevered over a number of weeks and months and we were setup for a lifetime of adventures together, Chloe my adventure partner and big time lover.



4 thoughts on “Wedding Diaries: #3 How did we meet?

    1. We really did! I am so pleased you were there too and we got those awesome 2009 photos to show for it! I loved our 3 hour lunch breaks too cheese squares and bread with the weekly chinese buffet haha xx


  1. Made me chuckle. I have to say that the Qube place looks like grotty in building form…is the photo of you dancing the actual dance floor in there too? It looks a bit like someone has cleared their lounge for an occasion…


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