To My Mum!

While my Mum is all the way over there in England, and I live so far away from her here in New Zealand, I wanted to tell the world just how wonderful a Mum she is by bringing us closer virtually on Sunday Edits, and sharing with you, dear reader, the love.

As an Aquarian who is not so great at sentiments in their verbal form, I thought I would share with you instead the brilliant things I love about my mum in the form of the written word.

Aside from the obvious – that she birthed Sophie and I – two extraordinary children (define extraordinary as you will), mum has always been someone who:

– has never been disappointed in me or my decisions, except for that one time when she watched me crawl, hammered, along the driveway and told me I was a “disappointment to humankind” while I said, “sssshhhhh, I am drunk.” She later walked in to the toilet only to find me chundering into the toilet bowl and in all the warmth and sympathy she could muster at midnight she lobbed a towel at my head.

– has always been the furnace that keeps the energy in the room warm. Something hilarious and interesting tends to pop out of her mouth, which keeps the conversation flowing for an entire evening. It’s a particularly unique trait to have to be so sociable!

– likes to open her house up to everyone. Years ago, mum saw a handsome near-on homeless man busking on a piano in Norwich and brought him home for dinner to introduce to her friends and cook him up something tasty.

– has not once complained about the fact that I live in New Zealand, because she knows children are supposed to fly, which must take some doing. I see that, and she knows I will be home one day. How could I not be with such a fabulous mum.

– is always up for a dinner party. A day after I announced my engagement, Mum rustled up a party and the next thing I knew there were 30 people in her kitchen surrounded by flowers picked from the garden, a delectable spread of curry dishes nonchalantly concocted, and bottles of gin and wine. Next minute, she’s practicing ballroom dancing with one of my best-friends Kelly.

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 18.59.38.png

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 18.56.14.png

– has somehow managed to work in a man’s prison for near on 9 years, and didn’t lose the plot. Instead, she saw the great change she was making to the lives of the prisoners, and managed to overlook the sexual harassment and bureaucracy. Goodness knows how – except for a particularly admirable, determined, and strong personality.

– has volunteered her hairdressing skills to vulnerable women so that at least they had a refuge if only temporary and a nice hair do – something good to feel about themselves.

– has the brightest smile I have ever seen. Especially when an inspiring idea pops into her head, or she’s talking about mine or Sophie’s wedding. I love how the smallest things excite mum – it puts everything into perspective and has enabled Sophie and I to grow up loving almost everything in life from the smell of a flower to a walk down the lane to stroke a donkey.

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 19.03.23.png

Every one, of course, loves their mum. But I must take this day to tell mine how much I love her – for all of the world to hear.

You’re the best Mum Sophie and I could have hoped for. I love you xxx


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