I turned 27 on Friday 27th January, and contrary to the “well you’re, like, over the hill now” and “practically 30” comments, I’m extremely excited to be 27! I love the sound of it… twenty-seven.

When I was 16 I said I would be married by 21 with a two-up-two-down kind of family, because my mum had me at 21 and it seemed like natural progression.

Then I reached 21 and had been with Luis for just 2 years and reality caught up with me and my child brain. I hadn’t even graduated from university and could barely feed myself with anything other than vodka or an M&S ready meal. So I laughed at my 16 year old self and set 27 aside as the new 21.

And BOOM! Here I am at the age I set aside for bagging myself a husband, a house, two children, and a German Shepherd named Max along with a successful, career defining bank statement in my filing cabinets. Massive LOL. Let us all laugh at that image. Financially, I have a good time attitude and a degree to make me feel better about my debt and I am not allowed a dog because I still rent in Auckland, which is the 4th most expensive city in the world to live in #winning.

Admittedly, I will have bagged myself a husband at the ripe old age of 27 after all of 8 years waiting to trap one. Now I have my man repeller on my finger and a wedding date set in Seville with all of my faves at my side. Biology willing we will be able to have children in the future, too, but who knows. I definitely am not the adult I imagined I would be when I was 21.

Then I wondered if perhaps the concept of the word adult is actually made up.

The dictionary defines an adult, as “a mature, fully developed person”. I agree with that. I’m not overly mature, but I think I am a “fully developed person”, which is a little bit sad as I am still waiting for my boobs to come in. However, I am loving life in New Zealand this country is quite spectacular. I have friends and family who come out to visit me, I have two jobs that I love, and I am marrying a very handsome man and we are mortgage-free with many more exciting non-permanent plans for the future; and that’s how we like our adulthood. We’ve defined our own version of adulthood, which turns out to be very different to what most 16 year olds (especially myself) think adulthood is like!

We associate adulthood with mortgages, family, careers, etc. and actually I think even the adults are just acting out the role of an adult in a daily performance of the adult show. We all know an adult who finds a moment alone, the clothes come off, the 80s music comes on, and for a fleeting 5 minutes the thought of everything adult disappears with the sound of Cliff Richard. I really don’t think there are many adults who act like the adults our 16 year old selves envisage! One adult came up to me recently and said that she is over 45 and still hasn’t figured out what her career is, but she’s been having a fabulous time figuring it out. How great is that!

I have friends who tell me they feel like they are ‘failing at life’ because their 16 year old adult defining boxes are not being ticked off. Yet they’re not failing one tiny bit. We’re all just redefining what it means to be an adult in the 21st Century. I say we define the word adult ourselves and spread the secret of adulthood to all the 16 year olds that we know so that they can grow into whatever kind of adult they like and avoid the feelings of failure and angst that growing up brings.

Here is for the good news! If you’ve read my blog on sexual harassment in prison then brace yourselves. If you haven’t, then read it here and come back…

After more than a years worth of battling to see that this one man can no longer sexually harass women working in that prison I can finally say that it has all paid off. What great birthday news 🙂


5 thoughts on “Good News From Prison

  1. Wow Chloe!! That’s brilliant news! Well done for all your hard work campaigning over the past year or so …. what finally managed to get you listened to? Was it the DoC ?

    Congratulations and happy birthday for the 27th 🙂

    Ps. Loved the ‘still waiting for my boobs to come in comment 😀


    1. Thank you! Yes, I think persistence paid off! I am over the moon it was a draining battle! 🙂 I’m so grateful for the support I have received too it’s been uplifting. I LOVE your blog – you’ve got a fabulous style with lots of heart felt pieces you should be proud! xx


  2. I absolutely love this blog Chloe!! I was made redunant again in November, and have been carrying around this feeling of ‘failing at life’ for a while, so reallllly needed to hear this.. 🙂

    Also….. YAY we did it!!!!!!!! Xxx


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