Does Karma Exist?

On Monday I thought that I would get off the train before my usual stop so that I could make a run home worth it’s while. Then a moral conundrum presented itself. Having been disorganised that morning I had forgotten my travel card. The stop I wanted was now $5, but the stop that is a mere 45 second train ride before this stop was only $3 and I thought to myself “yes, do it. You can run the distance”.

Rushing for the train I made the wrong choice of buying the $3 ticket, as when offered to get off at that stop I decided that my legs would fumble and collapse if I tried to run a distance like that. I would have to run past heaps of people if I got off at the $3 stop, too. I didn’t want to cause offence to anyone’s senses both visually and through the nose so I was kind of doing a service to the community.karma-001

In hindsight, I should have just got off the train at the $3 stop that I paid for, however, and been an honest citizen. Instead, I sat for 45 seconds shitting myself to the station I hadn’t paid for thinking that I was going to get caught by the police and I subsequently sweated more in this 45 seconds sitting down than I did on the whole 4km run home.
Then **BOOM** along came karma anyway to do a metaphorical arrest on my conscience. The millisecond that my toe touched the platform the clouds were stabbed by karma itself and the rain poured and poured and poured and I stood as it trickled down every crack confirming that karma was here with me. I tried to run in this rain  and I was hit with golf ball sized rain drops smacking me in the face and weighing me and my rucksack down. I stopped by at the convenience store for a bottle of water and instead came away with a 1l carton of coconut water, an avocado, a punnet of tomatoes in my ruck sack and my water. I ran in the rain like I had, literally, shit myself.

The next day, Tuesday, I took a piece of bread from the freezer at work and popped it into the toaster. As I took the bread, my good conscience said to me, “Chloe, naughty naughty Chloe, this isn’t your bread”. Then the naughty conscience said to me, “but Chloe it’s only one piece and they have a whole loaf and you’re really, really hungry”. So into the toaster it went and then someone else’s jam accidentally fell on my toast.

I took that first delectable bite of my jam smothered toast in my ravenous state and choked; I subsequently coughed up what I had just swallowed. Oh no, karma has come to find me I thought. Tip toe back to your desk, eat slowly, and avoid sharp corners keeping your eye on the floor until you’re safely seated again.

I am going to conclude that what we have learned this week is that being a dishonest citizen is bad for you and karma will find you. From this day forward, I will ask for the bread and get off at the station that I paid for.



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