Sprout – Mt. Albert


Yes, that’s me enjoying a breakfast bap. Bap. Ha, doesn’t the word bap make you laugh? Bap. Credit to Sophie for capturing one of my finest, most elegant, moments.

Sprout is not for the anxious Saturday coffee drinker. With it’s spritely and oh so popular organic market running in the morning you will probably want to wait until after 1pm before arriving.

If, on the other hand, you love a hearty breakfast burger that you can put your mouth around without shame and judgement after picking up your fresh meat and veg from the kindly gentlemen on the stools, then Sprout, my friend, is for you.

I have experienced this gastric delight on numerous occasions now. Every time I am not disappointed to find friendly faces dishing out a tasty sample. I like to eat an olive here, and dip my stick into some hummus there. Then I like to take my stick and double dip it in the tabouleh. Not really. You don’t double dip. The uncouth nature of a double dip does not match the trendy Sprout. The name Sprout, too, genius. Classy, non?


Oh hi Sophie getting all of those olives that I ate all by myself. Thank you. 

Then you have the fabulous man who dishes you up a pizza cooked none other than in the stone oven that sits there Sunday to Friday just raring to be fired up. Those pizzas are second to none. Lo chef che fa la pizza gustosa is very extravagant, too, in his delivery. Adds to the delicious Saturday morning fun! You will go home feeling nothing less than happiness. It really satisfies that “we should probably leave the house as the sun is out” kinda feeling, and the coffee…oh, my, the coffee. The barista has coffee making down to a talent. He’s so friendly, too. Considering the orders fly in fast, he bangs them out just as fast, if not faster.

5/5 for tastiness. To be honest, though, I am only posting the tasty places to eat at. Can’t be wasting precious free time for writing on crap food and coffee.


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