If nobody knows that you ate the McDonald’s, then did it really happen?


I have a modern philosophical conundrum for you.

Strolling to my evening job from my day job I made a cheeky diversion via McDonalds for some of those delectably bad for your health fries.

For 3 lightening seconds 2 questions forced me to question my chip detour:

  1. Why don’t you work half an hour earlier, and earn yourself half an hour more?
  2. You can have anything off the menu for dinner at work, why don’t you wait, fatty?

 The powers of the McDonalds siren lured me in and trapped me. They caught me like a moth to a flame and I had to have the fries. I had crossed the point of no return, they had taken my $3.10, and I had lost a potential $8 through worthy hard graft. This actually equates to a kind of $11.10 loss!

Shame and happiness pervaded through me. A confusing sense of guilt can be felt only by those who secretly gobble McDonald’s, and sheer satisfactory delight at the same time. The devil on your shoulder telling you that it’s ok.

As if it never happened, I got to work and ate a pulled beef vermicelli dinner within 10 minutes of me stepping through that sliding door. It doesn’t stop there, as I then ate my colleagues chips with her tasty Thai sauce, and then the chef gave us more chips. And yes, I ate them too.

When I thought about how I could tell people of my devilish naughty chip habit I actually decided that they needed all their attention at work, and not on me, in order to be their upmost productive work-self…

So out of being considerate, I realised that if no one knows, and no one saw me eating the chips, then did it really happen?




4 thoughts on “If nobody knows that you ate the McDonald’s, then did it really happen?

  1. I had a cheeky McDonalds the other day. Both kids were at their Grandma’s and, although I knew I had food in the fridge and time to eat at home before I collected them, I found my car in the drive thru. One ‘Filet-o-fish’ meal later and I threw the packaging in our recycling bin on the drive thinking that I’d got away with it.
    Unfortunately, the next time my husband took the recycling out he noticed what was already in the bin, marched back into the house and announced to the children that Mummy had had a McDonalds. I got a fair amount of grief from my eldest as a result!
    I’ve learned my lesson, next time I’ll put it in the bin at McDonalds!


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