This picture is of a ‘greasy pole competition’ that takes place in Blakeney. What a wonderful thing! It is no wonder that Norfolkians are so great – we do things like this out of choice. Blakeney waters are filled with the tastiest crabs, too. Daring.


At the Norfolk and Norwich Festival – just such fun!


While in my downward-dog position, I pondered how ‘Norfolk’ I was. Balancing in a questionable position on my orange mat in front of the heater to make it a little Bikram, I thought to myself, “what an odd thing to be doing.”

It’s never going to produce enough heat for Bikram, this position is not making you “feel like you’re doing a handstand”, and you’ve already succumbed to having a post-work wine . Give up.

So, I gave up, but was smacked right in the face with a great idea. Yoga is in the bag, I thought to myself. Yoga = idea machine.

This is to share with you further oddities that are marvelously fun, albeit quite different. Some may call them weirdnesses, or eccentricities, and I prefer the latter. It just becomes more apparent that people from Norfolk are a super wonderful breed of eccentrics who know how to have a good time.

For those of you who are not from Norfolk and would like to know how it feels to be a Norfolkian, then read on for some fun. Resist judgement and jump right in.

(Some people would perhaps not say the below out loud and admit to all 5 points, but it’s ok I will admit to all of them so you know you’re not alone).

5 things that make me probably eccentric (or weird depending on if you want to be my friend or not) are:

  1. I FaceTimed Florence, AKA Batman. Mum went to the toilet and left me there on her iPad.


2. I am sitting here at 19:30 at my table in a fur (faux) coat with my wine listening to Concert Radio (try it out my friend it’s ambience changing – writing this potentially reputation ruining piece. I think this is fine because it’s cold and the classical music is calming and I have friends. I was supposed to have a flute lesson, but its been postponed and I feel like it was supposed to be that way.

3. Sunday night, I held a mourning Brexit party for my partner and I to salute this dead relationship by churning out dishes from gorgeous EU countries. Nothing flamboyant – Italian Bolognese, French music (have a listen –, French stick and wine, Greek tapenade and Turkish dolamade. My partner had $150 stolen from his wallet at The Portland on Friday night and so he wasn’t in the mood for me to paint a moustache on my face and wear my blue and white striped top with a beret while I tried to dance the tango.


4. I bought a peace lily and a succulent house plant at 4pm on a Sunday to bring some zen into my space. I took them to Four Square to buy some dinner and made them feel at home so that they would happily excrete their carbon dioxide and proudly photosynthesise.


5. I created a reading corner. The perfect excuse now to sit and read in this glorious New Zealand rain. It has a light, a chair, cushions, blanket, a pile of my favourite books (The Life Plan, 50 Shades of Feminism, A Room of One’s Own, and Thérèse Desqueyroux by François Mauriac) and bunting home made by Sophie.


My point is, my gorgeous friends, is not only does this bring me joy but I really do do what I enjoy the most (things that remain within social and legal boundaries I hasten to add), and that you also should. This could mean living like someone from Norfolk. Norfolk people are great.

Regardless of if your eccentricities are exposed.

If you want to have beans on vegemite toast with a fried egg for dinner and a dollop of ice cream and submit it to social media without thinking of all that “oh it’s SO boring seeing ANOTHER dinner picture”, you dam well have it and you post it.

If you want to dress up with your friends like Alice in Wonderland and her friends then just do it. I really want to dress up like The Rocky Horror Picture Show – if anyone is keen.

If you want to take your top off in the rain because you have a good bod take that top off. You might get a telling off, or a wonderful cheer…

If you want to stand on the edge of a huge pole into a plunge pool of Blakeney mud then do it when the tide is out.

If you want to have a glass of wine at 11:45am because the weather and mood fits perfectly, then do it. Are the wine police going to come and say “it’s too early you’re an alcoholic?” No they are not, because they don’t exist, and if anyone judges you tell them to stick their judgemental poker back up their ass.


2 thoughts on “Norfolk Eccentrics & Where To Find Them

  1. Absolutely love this! Rock on chickie, always love reading your writing!! Miss you and all your perfect eccentricities XX


    1. You my sweet Georgia are just the kindest! I miss you loads and I cannot wait to see your gorgeous, happy self again. I hope your travels are still exciting I do wish you would post more photos 😉 I love you XXX


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