How are MPs in the UK discussing a petition for the closure of our borders when the statements in the petition are entirely wrong?

While sitting at work and listening to Today in Parliament, I was genuinely disgusted at the content of a petition read out by Steve McCabe, who thankfully has a problem with the petition too.

This petition went to Parliament on 19th October 2015 and now has a total of 201,185 signatures. You can find the entire content of the debate here:

I must say, faith has been restored after reading that 442,191 have signed the petition to “Accept more asylum seekers and increase support for refugee migrants in the UK.” You too can sign this petition here:

However, I wanted to point out that the title of the petition reads, “Stop allowing immigrants into the UK.” Those people fleeing their war-torn countries for safety and refuge are not immigrants. This just goes to show what trash the British are being led to read and believe.

I, as a British Citizen having moved to New Zealand, am an immigrant, because I permanently moved to another country. I did not seek refuge from a war torn country as the asylum seekers and refugees currently crossing our borders are.

You cannot close the borders to immigrants, because immigrants are people who are already inside your country.

With this false statement in their title, then, their petition should be disposed of as invalid. It is seemingly obvious that people who are signing the petition do not understand what it is they’re actually petitioning against. If they did, then they would have noticed the stupidity in the title.

This petition begs the question; are we not humouring bigotry and racism by discussing petitions in Parliament that are as true as the claim that Romanians stole and killed the Queen’s swans, as The Sun made up? Shouldn’t we be discussing more pressing topics such as “What can we do to help refugees?”

This petition reads that, “foreign citizens are taking all our benefits, costing this government millions, many of them are trying to turn the UK into a Muslim country.” Ok Katie Hopkins, you obstruction to human civilisation, we hear you. However, this should be backed by statistics and facts, rather than generalising and overly false statements.

Have these poorly informed and mislead people who signed this petition forgotten that our very own government illegally claimed millions with expenses for their holidays and mortgages and second homes?  I think the problem lies with Britain, and not with the civilians who are seeking refuge from the countries that we, along with other nations, have bombed.

Petitions need to be monitored carefully, clearly. We should not be allowing untrue petitions that are smothered in islamophobia into Parliament for discussion.


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