Optimistically failing at the Happiness Project


Reading The Happiness Project has made me turn into a bit of an ass hole. That may be a bit extreme, but I am so consciously aware of other people’s negativity and criticisms that when I feel as though someone else’s negativity is having an impact on my happiness I want to tell them. Who am I to do that, though? Isn’t it great that I am acknowledging this now! I am consciously aware that I am an ass hole, and admitting it is the first step to becoming a nicer, happier person.

I have failed twice today in two vital rules that I thought I would be good at.

The first, is to cut people slack. As I opened this tiny door to get out of a car park I walked through it only to have this woman walk straight towards me who would have walked straight through me if she could. I stood there and said ‘please, don’t mind me! You go on through’, in a very British and sarcastic tone. As I left the car park I felt worse than I would have done if I had just stepped back and let her through. What an ass hole I am!

The second, is to give proofs of love. As my boyfriend and I cuddled up on a windy Mission Bay Beach my previous blog on public displays of affection made me very conscious of the many people surrounding us, and so I sat up and read while avoiding his tugs to get me back down. I didn’t want others to be sickened by our flirting on the sand. However, as I looked around when we left there were other couples snuggled on the sand protecting one another from the wind. There were older couples holding hands and sharing ice-creams on the beach wall, and there were single people dotted around everywhere not giving two tiny craps about anyone else.

From now on, I will not react like an ass hole and I will take every opportunity I have while I can to give proofs of love to everyone that I love.

Here goes. More optimistic blog posts to come tomorrow that won’t leave you questioning whether or not you ever want to read a negative Nancy of a post of mine again! 🙂


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